in the last two days I have seen two small children riding as passengers on motorcycles/scooters.

Both had the proper head-gear on, but still, something about having a small child (over the age of 3/4 under 7/8) riding un-secured on a motorcycle makes me very very uneasy.

I dont see how they are safe.

The first one was riding on the back of a motorcycle attempting to hold on to the driver. The kids arms were so short he could barely reach around to hug him. That makes me think if he can barely hold on, couldn’t he slip off? There was no harness or seat belt for him!

The next one was a small child on a vespa standing where your feet go (so standing between the drivers legs. Same thing, no restraints, could slip off easily.

I don’t know if there is a law prohibiting this in my state, but I really don’t want to hear about some kid getting horribly injured, or worse, while flying off the back of a motorcycle!