I got all cute and dressed up today for work.

I felt so great.

Finally felt comfortable in my skin. I don’t feel comfortable very often anymore. After I had Oliver I got really sick. Really really sick. I was on major antibiotics that I self administered through a PICC line that was implanted into my upper arm that went directly to my heart. I also had major muscle damage to my inner thighs from the labor. Both issues caused me to be very weak, and immobile for a long time. It was hard to walk to the bath room, let alone down the street. From being so idle, I gained weight. A lot of weight. I have been really self conscience about it. I am very short, so a little weight makes a huge difference on my small frame. So imagine what A LOT of weight does! Well the other day, I said FUCK IT. I might be fat, but I am still fucking cute. I’m gonna dress how I want to. So I dug out a bunch of my old clothes from the back of my closet, been getting all dolled up hair/make-up/cute outfits), and have had the best week ever!